GTK 3主旨:Adwaita Elements 0.1


GTK 3主题:Adwaita Elements   0.1

GTK 3.x主题:GnomishBeige,在Ubuntu 12.04中得以选择。

Adwaita Elements is a theme whose inspiration comes from Elementary and Clear Looks Revamp as well as some other themes
*hence the name* Adwaita Elements. The metacity theme is based on Gilouche with almost all code rewritten.

GTK 3.x Theme/Style

= Notes =
# The resize grip you will find at the bottom right corner of the window have been
replaced with a 4 pixel border at the bottom of the windows.

This is a clean beige theme for GTK3, based on Adwaita (provided by gnome-themes-standard), plus a matching GNOME-Shell theme.

# Gnome-terminal has its own scrollbar that blends better into a transparent surface.

The package also includes a GTK2 theme, that depends on the latest Murrine engine and makes GTK2 windows fairly similar to GTK3 ones. If you don't want to install Murrine anymore, you could replace the folder 'gtk-2.0' with that of Adwaita but you'll lose the above-mentioned similarity.

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= TODO =
1.) Metacity: Better looking window captions buttons.
2.) GTK2 & GTK3: Better looking tabs.
3.) GTK3: Better looking buttons *Can Adwaita draw inner and outer strokes?*
4.) Scrollbar?

1) For now, the theme depends on GTK+-3.4, gnome-themes-standard-3.4.X and gnome-shell-3.4.X. With later versions of these packages, the theme might not look as in the screenshot but I'll update it as soon as the new packages come into Debian.

The theme is very young, so some widgets May not look optimized yet.
However so keep an eye out for updates and share your input and thoughts.

2) Take a look at the file "README" in the theme folder for a tip on Epiphany.

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3) You won't need the source package unless you want to modify the theme or use it as a basis for creating another theme.

4) The new "backdrop" state flag is ignored because, in my opinion, it doesn't add to usability and can make backdrop widgets not only ugly but also less readable.

5) The panel font is Bitstream Charter, provided by xfonts-scalable in Debian based systems, but it's not necessary.

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